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Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh, Pa., in 1928, the fourth son of a coal miner. His father died when he was 13, and Warhol, who suffered from Huntington's Chorea, spent much of his childhood confined to bed, leading him to develop a great fear of hospitals and doctors. After high school, he studied commercial art at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. In 1949, he began working in advertising as a magazine illustrator. Warhol produced ink drawings of shoe advertisements and worked for RCA, illustrating album covers. His silk screen printing techniques in the 1950s were well-received. He held numerous exhibitions in both East and West Coast galleries in the 1960's and started painting objects used commonly in American culture, such as Campbell's Soup cans, dollar bills and Coca-Cola bottles. He was fascinated by the uniformity of items used by people in all walks of life and was known as the Pope of Pop Art. Warhol was criticized by some art institutions for commercializing art. He painted many celebrities during this period, including Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando. Warhol was shot in 1968 in an attempted murder. In its aftermath, he turned to commissioned portraits and founded ""Interview"" magazine. He died in 1987 from a complication of gallbladder surgery, something he put off for years due to his fear of hospitals. His first fragrance was produced posthumously when the artist's name was licensed in 1999 for the aptly called Andy Warhol for women. There are seven fragrances in the perfume base.
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