Bond No. 9 Noveau Bowery Perfume

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Nouveau Bowery by Bond No. 9 has been a favorite of sophisticated women ever since its introduction in 2003. It blends classic notes of vetiver, bergamot, and other herbs with lime and Italian mandarin for a touch of citrus, then adds wild lily, Indonesian patchouli, and other floral notes that further complement the citrus and herbal base. This long-lasting scent is perfect to wear all day long when you're having fun, or even when you're just going about your daily routine.
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Bond No. 9 Noveau Bowery

Bond No. 9 Noveau Bowery

Bond No. 9 Noveau Bowery

eau de parfum

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I love this scent. I wear it everywhere. It has become me and I think it would work for anyone at any age.

Written by Josephine on November 30, 2009

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1 - 1 (of 1 Reviews)