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Renowned in the fashion industry for creating exaggerated silhouettes and for the unexpected use of shapes and unusual items to complete his innovative looks, designer Roberto Capucci has also crafted elegant, luxurious scents for decades. Creating perfumes for both evening wear and daily wear, Capucci is known for designing clean, feminine scents that leave a lasting impression.

In 1974, Roberto Capucci released one of the most iconic scents of all time, Yendi Capucci. Crafted to bring the captivating style created by Capucci on the runway to a wider market, this scent was first released at the height of Capucci's high-fashion success while his designs were garnering attention at fashion events from New York to Milan.

In the mid-1980s, Capucci withdrew from the commercial aspects of the fashion world, focusing instead on creating gowns and other pieces that many still consider works of art. During this time. Capucci released Capucci de Capucci, another elegant, warm scent that was crafted to be worn for daily life.

An understated part of the Capucci fashion empire, the perfume house gave more people access to the creativity and striking style of Capucci. The 1987 release of Capucci de Capucci marked the second, and final, major release from the fragrance house of Capucci. Lighter and designed to be more accessible and worn more frequently than Yendi Capucci, this scent captivated a whole new audience of fans.

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