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Take the scent of Christmas with you throughout the year with Cool Water Freeze Me perfume. Davidoff released this women's perfume in 2008, and women all over the world immediately fell in love with its blend of light and refreshing notes. Mandarin, limone, and basil blend with mint, amber, and frankincense to create a scent that reminds you of a cold winter day. Apply the casual daytime scent before meeting with friends or leaving for the office.
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Cool Water Freeze Me

Cool Water Freeze Me

Cool Water Freeze Me

eau de toilette

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I just love the Cool Water line. To me, this seems less spicy than the original Cool Water scent. EVERY time I wear this, original Cool Water or Cool Water Frozen, I always get compliments from both men and women. I also like the fact that none of my friends wear this scent, kinda like my own trademark!

5 Stars

Written by Wendy on November 16, 2012

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1 - 1 (of 1 Reviews)