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Dlish Perfume & Cologne
Dlish is the company behind CLEAN, a wildly successful line of “non-perfume perfumes” introduced in 2003. Beauty entrepreneur Randi Shinder (the brain behind Jessica Simpson’s Dessert Beauty and LipFusion Lip Plump) had the idea for CLEAN when she received compliments on the way she smelled and realized that she wasn’t even wearing perfume, only the soapy-clean scent of her freshly showered skin. She decided to created a light, fresh-smelling personal fragrances that could be worn anywhere and everywhere, by women or men of all ages. The first CLEAN fragrance was so popular that Shinder went on to create variations on this shower-fresh theme. She also came up with blends that evoked nostalgia for other simple pleasures like favorite cotton T-shirts, summer sunshine, and clean laundry. CLEAN’s Eau de Parfum sprays are accompanied by shower gels, body lotions, and more, so that their scents can be layered and enjoyed all day. CLEAN is more than a perfume line: it’s a lifestyle brand for anyone seeking products that bring back happy memories and enhance enjoyment of the present moment.
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