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Originating from Paris, the FMJ Parfums design house is most famous for its Full Metal Jacket collection of sprays and perfumes for men and women, which the design house's name is taken from. The company concentrates on the production of sprays and perfumes and has introduced several scents that are particularly popular because of their unique fragrance notes.

One of the designer's bestselling creations is the Full Metal Jacket Life Spray for Women, which is a lasting feminine scent derived from a blend of soft floral notes. The perfume is perfect for almost any wearer, although its scent is chameleon-like and can be easily altered by conditions such as the natural smell of the client's skin, or her mood and stress levels, creating a truly unique experience. The duration of the fragrance after it is applied also depends on a range of factors such as whether the wearer has dry or oily skin.

Another popular selection from the FMJ Parfums collection is the Full Metal Jacket Spray for men, which offers an exotic, spicy masculine scent and is available in a wide variety of bottle sizes. The spray combines fruity and spiced notes to create a fresh and uplifting scent in the Eastern tradition.

The company's Phenomenon Cologne was created in 2006. It is popular because it features a combination of silver fir, boronia and osmanthus notes that mingle to create an aroma that is out of this world.

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