French Connection Perfume & Cologne

French Connection Perfume & Cologne
Founded in 1972 by Stephen Marks, there are few branches of fashion and housewares in which the British design company French Connection has not dabbled.

Perhaps best known for its line of simple, elegant clothing as well as its somewhat controversial ""FCUK"" logo over time, French Connection ventured out into new areas including men's and women's toiletries, sunglasses, watches, and shoes. Much like its fashion-forward clothing, the company's line of fragrances for men and women specialize in giving classic scents a modern twist.

French Connection debuted its first fragrance, French Connection Bathroom, in 1998, followed quickly by Eau de FCUK in 1999. Both of these scents were marketed as unisex, and both were quickly discontinued.

The following year, the company tried again, debuting the Eau de FCUK for Men line in 2000. The trio of scents, labeled simply No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3, represented a wide range of aromas. No. 1 is a classic citrus fragrance, while No. 2 is a fresh scent. No. 3 rounded out the initial fragrance collection with a mysterious, woody scent. A year later, FCUK released a similar line of three fragrances for women. As of 2014, while the men's fragrances passed out of production, all three scents in the Eau de FCUK for Women line are still found being offered by the UK company Boots.

Several other successful fragrances have debuted since the early 2000s, including the exotic FCUK Connect and the breezy FCUK Summer.
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