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The Haute Collection cannot be discussed without mentioning British-trained dressmaker and tailor, Charles Frederick Worth and his dressmaking skills. Charles first established a Haute fashion design house in Paris in 1858, when he developed an exclusive luxury fashion for the high-class French woman using handmade techniques. Commonly referred to as "Haute Couture," which translates to "high sewing" in the French language, creation of the clothing line involved negotiation between the client and the dressmaker, resulting into unique textiles that stood out from the rest of the fashion set.

The Haute fashion existed in France from as early as the 17th century, when Rose Bertin, a French fashion designer, used it to make Queen Marie Antoinette's garments. The fashion continued until the 18th century, when visitors to Paris such as Charles brought the design back, which was largely embraced by the locals.

In 1868, Charles established La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, a body that regulated labor, tax, administration and production activities for Haute Collection dressmakers. By 1960, several Haute Collection design houses had been established by the likes of Ted Lapidus, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Cardin, all of whom had trained under notable designers such as Dior and Balenciaga.

Over the years, the Haute Collection has taken on other popular products in non-dressmaking industries, such as fine art and music, and the design has extended from Paris to various other fashion capitals including Milan, Tokyo, New York and London.

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