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The Musk Collection is a fragrance design house located in Zurich. Its trademarked description, "The Art of Swiss Perfume," reflects the pride that the company takes in its home country. All of the company's products are made in Switzerland. Its 2012 fragrance, Black Vanilla, is even made with a uniquely Swiss ingredient: the Black Vanilla Orchid plant that grows only at high altitudes in alpine pastures.

Despite the strong sense of place, other aspects of the company's history remain mysterious. Unlike most American or European design houses, fragrances, there is no single celebrity, perfumer, or "nose" that can be identified as the founder of the brand. Switzerland itself seems to take credit for inspiring the company's scents.

The timing of the company's development is also obscure. One website marks the Musk Collection as a "new fragrance brand", with its first edition dated as a 2012 release. The company website cites a twenty-year history, though the timeline for currently available products is fairly compact. According to the company site, the oldest of the currently available products were re-formulated in 2009, while the latest products were released in October 2015.

The Musk Collection design house offers high-quality, contemporary fragrances that are proudly Swiss. Subtle namesake scents such as "Musk" and later addition "White Musk" offer a complex blend of scent notes over the trademark musk, while just-released "Sledge Hammer", the company's first men's fragrance, features a sharp spicy tang. Depending on the fragrance, product formulations include perfumes, lotions, bath gels, and roll-ons.

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