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Quintessence, a British perfume company based in Brighton, was founded in 1982 by Jeffrey Brown, who was co-working with Anita Roddick of The Body Shop. It creates fragrances and toiletries as a supplier for other companies, rather than serving as a big label. The fragrance manufacturer's clients include The Body Shop and Lush, among other British cosmetics companies.

The company's products are also supplied to brands outside of its UK base, from the United States to the Middle East and Asia. Though Quintessence does not sell as a big brand itself, it has found success as a provider to other companies and through its dedication to creating unique, quality products.

While it primarily creates fragrances for other companies, Quintessence does offer two women's fragrances. In 1989, the company released Dare, then followed it in 1992 with the release of Caliente. Both fragrances have been popular for years, with women continuing to wear them decades after their creation. These fragrances are offered online, as Quintessence does not have its own retail outlets.

Quintessence has experts on its team, with three perfumers trained at ISIPCA, a French school that focuses on perfume and cosmetics formulation. Francois Robert, who has over 30 years of experience in fragrances, became the head perfumer of Quintessence in 2008. As of 2016, the company has a team of four perfumers that work together daily to keep Quintessence unified and productive.

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