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Weil Paris established its presence as a high-end designer fragrance house virtually overnight in 1927. The company was originally founded as premium furrier business by the three Weil brothers, Alfred, Jacques and Marcel, in 1923. As a proprietor of exquisitely luxuriant furs during the Roaring '20s era, Weil initially gave its fragrance creations fur-inspired names, starting with its debut fragrance, Zibeline, in 1928. The launch and immediate success of Zibeline led to the transition of the early Weil Paris empire from fur to fragrance, which was made possible with the assistance of acclaimed French-perfumer, Claude Fraysse. Sable, Chinchilla, and Hermine fragrances soon followed.

During the late '30s, The fragrances of Bamboo, Black, and Cassandra were launched, and all of them were as successful as their predecessors. In 1940, while taking wartime refuge in America, the Weil family released their most popular formula to date: Secret de Venus for women. The scent of Secret de Venus is described as classic floral fragrance, with rich and exotic notes. Padisha was launched in 1946, followed by Antelope in 1947.

In 2002, Weil Paris was bought by another Paris-based firm, the Aroli Aromes Ligeriens company, which manufactures and distributes beauty products, cosmetics and fragrances worldwide. Since then, many fragrances have been created and added to the Weil Paris design house family. The range now includes the Wonders Weil collection in addition to the latest fragrances, Emotion (2013), Greedy (2014), and Deep Blue (2015).

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