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scalp recovery soothing serum
Skin Care For The Scalp, Nioxin Products Remove Residue From The Environment And Restore Moisture To The Scalp Skin, Nioxin Is Formulated For The Scalp But Still Provides Cleansing And Moisturizing For The Hair

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Customer Reviews

This is an excellent product. It works quickly and effectively. I highly recommend it.

Written by DS on August 22, 2022

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I've used Nioxin products for about 4 years now. Before I stated I was starting to get a Richard Nixon style hairline to the point that I was developing a bald spot on top and very large "U shaped" bald areas on my temples. I was using gel to mask the thinning hair up on top. The gel was no longer working well and I started the treatment. With Nioxin I've noticed that it takes a bit of time to start to kick in (2 months or so). In fact right before the regrowth you might notice a small surge of balding. That's actually a good sign that your hair cycles are coming back to life! Anyway I noticed regrowth after 2-3 months. After 9 months I stopped using gel to hide my thinning top. Once I got to 3 years of use, I'd say that the most substantial amount regrowth had finished. My hair on top is thick, I had a thinner (but covered) area in the back. My hair line on my temple area had progressed 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch mostly on the top part of the "U" and in the back of the "U". The last 2 years has still brought regrowth though its much more subtle now. Where I'd say the first 3 years gave me 5 years back, the last 2 years has given me another year back to my hair. I'm definitely a believer in the products, and am here buying again. I think people who buy this should give it at least a couple of months to see a difference, and by all means stick with it!

Written by Andrew on October 30, 2014

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