Aubusson Perfume & Cologne

Aubusson Perfume & Cologne

Expert perfumer Daniel Aubusson got his start in fragrances by founding his design house Parfums Daniel Aubusson in 1984. Parfums Daniel Aubusson established itself with its breakthrough fragrance, the women's Histoire d'Amour, in 1984. The house released over a dozen fragrances in the following years, though Histoire d'Amour remains one of its most beloved fragrances. In 2003, it inspired a flanker, Histoire d'Amour 2.

Aubusson has worked with top perfume designers and specializes in women's floral fragrances. Several masculine fragrances were released, including the leathery Aubusson Homme in 2000 and the aromatic Aubusson Man in Blue in 2004, though the most popular masculine fragrances are included in the man.aubusson line.

Parfums Daniel Aubusson went on to join its parent company, First American Brands, which was established in 2001. The line is now released under the name Parfums Aubusson. First American Brands has chosen to focus on Aubusson's most popular fragrances, including Histoire d'Amour, Histoire d'Amour "Cherie," Desirade, Desirade "My Desire," man.aubusson and man.aubusson Intense.

First American Brands continues to release fragrances under its prestige, lifestyle and children's divisions. The prestige division focuses on highly acclaimed designers such as Angel Sanchez. The lifestyle division includes Parfums Aubusson, as well as Ford Mustang, Penthouse and Love Is. The children's division, under the name Petite Beaute, focuses on fragrances inspired by popular children's entertainment programs, licensing characters from Looney Tunes, Disney, Nickelodeon and more.

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