Body Fantasies Perfume

Body Fantasies Perfume

Body Fantasies is a category-leading mass market brand of fragrances, body lotions, soaps and other skin care products for men and women. Available through discount retailers, grocery stores, warehouse clubs and drug stores, the Body Fantasies body spray is a long-lasting scented mist that was the No. 1 brand in its class in 2015, according to Nielsen.

The Body Fantasies brand was introduced during the 2000s and is produced by PDC Brands, a Connecticut company founded in 1981 and formerly known as Parfums De Coeur. The company's original product was Designer Imposters, which sold imitations of designer fragrances to the mass market. Calvin Klein sued Parfums de Coeur in 1986 over its Confess fragrance, a copycat of his Obsession perfume that sold for three times the price. The court sided with Parfums de Coeur, requiring only that it be more explicit in its labeling.

In a 2011 marketing campaign, PDC Brands hired rapper Snoop Dogg to endorse its fragrances and promote its website, The "Don’t Be a Sucker" campaign urged consumers not to spend money on overpriced designer perfumes. PDC noted that its fragrances used the same oils found in designer fragrances and were created by master perfumers.

PDC Brands' other product lines include BOD Man products for men, the Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts line and Calgon bath products. PDC acquired Calgon, known for its iconic "Take Me Away” advertising slogan, in 2012.

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