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Adolfo Dominguez opened his first clothing store in his hometown of Ourense, Spain, launching his men's clothing line inspired by contemporary Japanese designers and embracing simplicity and freedom. In 1984, he launched his first women's line with the slogan "the wrinkle is beautiful." His fashions earned international acclaim throughout the 1980s and 1990s, appearing in major fashion magazines, runways and high-end retailers. Today there are over 500 Adolfo Dominguez retail stores worldwide.

In 1990, he collaborated with Barcelona fragrance designer Puig to create Agua Fresca for men. He developed the first women's perfume, Agua Fresca de Rosas, in 1995, blending rose petals, lily of the valley and jasmine over a base of sandalwood, oak and musk. In 2013, he used Agua Fresca de Rosas as a base and added white rose petals, cyclamen and jasmine to create a new fragrance called Agua Fresca de Rosas Blancas. The 2000s also saw the release of Bambu and Bambu for women. There are 27 fragrances in Dominguez' collection, as of 2016.

Adolfo Dominguez has continued to expand his collection to embrace youth, kids and accessories. His youth fashion line U launched in 2000 and includes its own fragrance line. In 1993, Dominguez helped celebrate Barbie's 35th birthday by designing a fashion line especially for the doll. In 2004, he included children's fashions. The Dominguez line also includes fashions for pets in a line launched in 2009.

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