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Summer in Damascus, when the jasmine blooms from every corner of the city. Well-dressed men stop to beat the afternoon heat with cool fresh fruits, or perhaps an icy drink of lemonade near a courtyard fountain. This is the portrait of City Of Jasmine, a delightfully refreshing masculine scent that takes the beloved and renowned structure of the fruit-forward men's scent to a newly exotic destination. The first notes of City Of Jasmine should be familiar to those on board with the fruity-masculine trend- a juicy, gently tart apple set against a musky leather for a wonderfully crisp and modern opening. But City Of Jasmine separates itself from the pack with a luscious floral heart, the complex, delicately indolic jasmine smoothed with a touch of rose for a seductive element of floral sophistication head and shoulders above the imitators. In the long-lasting base, a perfect touch of musk and vanilla provides contrast against the still-fresh leather note and adds the perfect final phase to an unforgettable, everyday-perfect scent. There are many fruity masculine fragrances, but there is undeniably only one City Of Jasmine.
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