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When Spanish sailors first explored Cuba in 1492, they returned with accounts of tall forests, chattering birds, and men and women going from place to place “with a firebrand of weeds in their hands to take in the fragrant smoke.”Before long, Spanish colonists were growing and smoking tobacco too. As the demand for tobacco spread, the “weeds” became a profitable crop. Cuba opened its first cigar factories in the early 1800s. Cuban Tobacco is an oriental fruity scent. It embodies the smell of a tobacco aroma at its best. Starts with Mandarin Orange, Vanilla and Mojito. Jasmine and Plum Wine unite with Tobacco and woody notes to create an olfactive journey through the history of Cuba. Salt is a note which you can notice throughout the whole experiment. Funny Fact, Honey was used with cigars as a natural filter, it also adds a sweet flavor to the tobacco.
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Alghabra Cuban Tobacco

Alghabra Cuban Tobacco

Alghabra Cuban Tobacco


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