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Anucci Fragrances

After a successful career that included building brands like Pebble Beach and Sergio Valente, Michael Khemlani founded Anucci in 1987. Its first fragrance was launched in 1989, aptly named Anucci.

Initially only a fragrance brand, over the years, it expanded to become a leading luxury goods and international fashion house. Along with introducing fragrance collections, Anucci coined the term ""Liquid Fashion."" In 2001, Anucci created the first diamond-encrusted mobile phone in the world, showcasing its notable avant-garde style.

During the 2002 World Cup, Anucci released a special fragrance blend named Goal by Anucci that was aimed at fans and players. With the launch of Goal by Anucci, the company announced a partnership with the United Nations Children's Fund, donating a portion of all proceeds that came from the launch of the product.

In time, Michel Khemlani's son, Anup Khemlani, joined the house as the director of international divisions, transforming Anucci into a family-operated business. As it expanded, Anucci grew to also include skin care products, corporate gifts, bath and body mixtures and an exclusive affluent collection that includes such products as the limited edition Anucci Gold Putter and Anucci Golf Bag.

As of 2014, Anucci has reached 73 countries on six continents, and has released a collection of eight fragrances, including its starting fragrance Anucci Original, designed for men, and the subsequent release of Anucci Femme for women.

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