Cadillac Fragrances

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Cadillac Fragrances

Cadillac has been a symbol of American automotive luxury since 1902, building a reputation so vibrant that it joined the lexicon as a synonym for opulence. A century later, that reputation for luxury extends to the realm of fragrance.

After joining General Motors in 1909, the vehicle manufacturer entered the Roaring 20s by offering more than 500 color combinations. Although oil prices, marketing and competitors threatened the company's success in the 1970s and '80s, GM managed a boisterous rebound by the late '90s. Acknowledging the importance of the timeless vehicle, the company restored some of the brand's luster by introducing an innovative, chiseled variety of the Cadillac.

At the same time that GM introduced a new line of luxury features to its Cadillac vehicles in 2008, it decided to appeal to customers' sense of smell. The company entered into a worldwide licensing agreement with Beauty Contact of Dubai to design, produce and distribute Cadillac Fragrances. The brand launched a fragrance for women in 2010.

Much like its foray into the automobile industry, Cadillac's introduction to the fragrance line was bold and aristocratic. Its elegant packaging bears a striking resemblance to its namesake, a style that isn't easily replicated. The sleek black-and-white package sports the classic Cadillac crest and wreath, and the translucent bottle inside features a stylish metal cap.

The package is a reminder of the bold and innovative style that Cadillac embodies. It represents the refined extravagance of years gone by while combining with the luxury of today.

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