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Caesar's World Perfume & Cologne

The phrase “Caesar’s world” brings up fantasies from the decadence of the Roman Empire to a night at a Caesars Palace casino. The original Caesars Palace opened on the legendary Las Vegas Strip in 1966. Three years later, it was purchased by brothers Stuart and Clifford Perlman, restaurant entrepreneurs who had gotten their start with a single hot dog stand in Florida.

The Hoffman brothers made Caesars Palace one of Vegas’s top casinos as well as a resort destination. Taking “Caesars World” as the name of their new enterprise, they opened additional Caesars Palaces in other cities and made the brand internationally recognizable. The company went through a series of changes in the 1990s and was eventually bought in 2005 by Harrah’s Entertainment, which changed its own name to Caesars Entertainment Corporation in 2010.

The original Caesars Palace, now expanded and renovated, continues to rule its stretch of the Vegas Strip. In addition to a vast casino, its Roman-themed complex includes hotel towers, restaurants, upscale shops, pools, and a performance hall inspired by the ancient Coliseum.

Caesars Man and Caesars Woman, the signature fragrances of the Caesars World brand, were both released in 1988. Even if you can’t make the trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, you can try your luck with one of these scents.

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