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Canali Fragrances

You may know Canali as a major fragrance and fashion outlet, but the brand started as a simple fashion workshop. The Canali brand began when brothers Giacomo and Giovanni Canali set up the small outlet in 1934. Their primary focus was menswear, and sales increased with the help of family members. Since its founding, Canali has been one of the most recognizable fashion outlets for male fashion, and the brand is known for combining style, taste and refinement. Canali is renowned for its ""Made in Italy"" quality, with which it made a dent in the Italian fashion scene while making inroads into foreign markets.

The brand exports 60 percent of its products to foreign markets. Canali has stores across Europe, and there are boutiques throughout North America, South America and North Africa. Canali's manufacturing centers are all located in Italy, and there are over 1,000 stores in more than 100 countries. The stores are notable for employing master tailors who attentively meet the unique needs of each customer.

The first Canali fragrance, Canali Men, was created by Pierre Bourdon and debuted in 2005, and Summer Night was introduced in the same year. Canali Style made its debut in 2008. Canali dal 1934, which was named in honor of the company's founding, debuted in 2009. Another 2009 fragrance, Winter Tale Special Edition, was created by Celine Barel.

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