Carlo Corinto Perfume & Cologne

Carlo Corinto Perfume & Cologne

Carlo Corinto enjoyed success as a men's fashion designer in Paris, initially offering casual and formal wear, as well as custom clothing. Carlo Corinto journeyed into men's fragrance in 1984 with the release of Carlo Corinto for men, an aromatic, woody fragrance that combines powerful base notes of patchouli and leather with the revitalizing scents of cedar, lemon and raspberry.

Following the release of its first fragrance, the design house of Carlo Corinto released several fragrances for men. As the brand's popularity grew, the design house created fragrances for women, developed a line of skincare products, entitled Skin Essentials for men, and offered various bath products.

Taking inspiration from the beautiful coastal area in the French Riviera, Carlo Corinto released its French Riviera line in the 2000s, a collection of fragrances for women and men that is suitable for wear during the spring and summer seasons. The fragrances in this collection have a light-hearted aroma with a mixture of fruity and sweet notes.

Over the years, Carlo Corinto has evolved from the bold, pine scent of its original fragrance created in the 1980s to create a variety of fragrances that draw inspiration from the breezy, relaxing atmosphere of the southeast coastline in France. This includes Fare Gelato Carlo Corinto for women, a captivating scent that contains sea water and black currant notes for a whiff of the calming, tropic environment of the French beaches.

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