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Cubano Fragrances

The Cubano line of colognes was created by Victory International USA, LLC, a company based out of Edison, New Jersey. Victory International was created in 1997, with both Cubano and an extensive line of Fred Hayman colognes as its chief offerings.

Victory International is also a licensee and distributor that works with other perfume makers to get their products to market. They hold licenses for model Niki Taylor, as well as guitar legend Carlos Santana, among others. Even with these licenses, the Cubano line remains one of its flagship products.

Each Cubano cologne for men comes in a glass bottle shaped like the famous Cuban cigars known around the world. The outer cylinder is made of metal to evoke the actual packaging of a high-end cigar, giving the entire package a unique look that is one of the signatures of the Cubano line.

As of 2016, Cubano colognes come in four varieties, with each one crafted to help the men who wear them create a harmonious aura in every aspect of their lives. The fragrances have different scent profiles to suit a variety of tastes, and also feature a cigar wrapper in a unique color to better differentiate them from one another. The four fragrances include the woodsy and masculine Cubano Gold, the fresh scent of Cubano Silver, Cubano Bronze featuring warm and spicy notes, and Cubano Copper, another masculine scent designed to last up to 10 hours.

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Cubano Gold

eau de toilette

men 22% OFF Retail
5.0 Stars

Cubano Copper

eau de toilette


2 sizes available

Up to 28% OFF Retail
5.0 Stars

Cubano Bronze

eau de toilette

men 28% OFF Retail
5.0 Stars

Cubano Variety

4 piece variety with cubano gold, silver, bronze & copper and all are eau de toilette spray 60 ml

men 49% OFF Retail
4.0 Stars