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Daddy Yankee Fragrances

Grammy-award winning Latino recording artist Daddy Yankee was one of the earliest pioneers of the reggaeton style of music, which has rapidly become a worldwide phenomena since its inception near the dawn of the millennium. Born February 3, 1977, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez exhibited a deep interest in the underground movement even in his youth. His influence on the music world would eventually lead to the successful foray of reggaeton into modern mainstream music culture. This marked the point of Daddy Yankee's launch into the limelight as an international celebrity, actor and producer.

The next few years brought even more fortune and fame to Daddy Yankee's aspiring career through numerous endorsement contracts and marketing ventures. This inspired him to launch his own line of apparel, footwear and designer fragrances and colognes, all of which were met with rave reviews.

Daddy Yankee, under a license from the Falic Fashion Group, launched his first fragrance for men, DY, in 2008. This casual-wear designer scent features top notes of apple, basil mint, exotic spices, middle notes of sage, ginger, mahogany and base notes of amber, leather, rosewood, and cedar.

Two years later, DYamante for women was introduced by the Daddy Yankee brand. DYamante is a floral and fruity fragrance that includes top notes of passion fruit and sweet fruits along with middle notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, princess of the night and peony, combined with base notes of amber, musk, vanilla, and sandalwood.

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Daddy Yankee

eau de toilette


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Daddy Yankee Dyamante

eau de parfum


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Daddy Yankee Dyamante

eau de parfum spray 100 ml & body lotion 90 ml & shower gel 90 ml & bracelet

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