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Decadence Fragrances

Founded in 1984 by Frederick E. Purches, Parlux Fragrances, Ltd. is the parent company of Five Star Fragrances. The firm collaborates with celebrities, fashion houses, designers and sports figures to design and market prestige signature scents. It also makes and distributes cosmetics, watches, sunglasses and small accessories, including purses and other leather goods. Five Star Fragrances, founded in 1997 by Jeffrey Dame, also partners with celebrities and labels to create scents.

Parlux released The Phantom of the Opera perfume, a women's scent, in 1989. The company also created the Decadence scent family, beginning with Decadence for Men in 1997. It added Decadence for Women in 2005 and later, a sister scent, Decadence Sheer. These scents should not be confused with the unrelated 2015 Marc Jacobs perfume, also called Decadence.

Parlux has partnered in the creation of scents for Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, Vince Camuto, Kenneth Cole, Jay-Z, Tommy Bahama and other celebrities, as well as athletes such as Andy Roddick. It has also worked on product lines with Kanye West, Paris Hilton, Queen Latifah and Nicole Miller. In 2015, Parlux partnered with businessman Donald Trump and perfumer Marypierre Julien to create and market Empire by Trump, a men's fragrance.

Perfumania Holdings, Inc. purchased Parlux Fragrances, Ltd., including Five Star Fragrances, in 2012. Perfumania Holdings has previously worked with designers Bijan, Gale Hayman, Pierre Cardin and Mark EckĊ in the development of their signature scents.

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