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Donald and Doris Fisher founded The Gap, Inc. in 1969. Drawing upon the wildly popular ""counter culture"" trend of that year, the Fishers' initial offerings were Levis jeans and LP records for the young, hip demographic market residing in San Francisco. By 1973, the Gap chain had 25 stores in operation across the United States. Today, Gap operates more than 3,100 global locations, including Japan, England, France, China, Ireland, Africa, the Middle East, Canada, Australia and Italy. True to the company's original, boundary-crossing form, its first fragrance releases in 1994 were four unisex scents that were named Heaven, Day, Earth and Grass. At the time of this writing, Gap has 28 fragrance selections that include accompanying bath and body care products. All of its unisex, men' s and women's fragrances are created in collaboration with Inter Parfums, Inc. The Gap retail family of stores acquired Banana Republic in 1983, Old Navy in 1994 and the women's athletic apparel retailer, Athleta, in 2009. The company also created the Piperlime shoe retailer in 2006. Known the world over for its quality constructed clothing and social activism attempts, Gap has raised more than $170 million for global efforts to fight malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis. Remaining in stride with its original, one-word scent titles, Gap offers many fragrances that signify a single idea or frame of mind, including Dream, Bold, Core, Near, Mixed and Spiked.
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