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Introducing Giorgio de Bleu, a captivating fragrance that exudes an air of sophistication and allure. With its invigorating top notes of zesty Lemon, refreshing Mint, tangy Grapefruit, and a hint of Pink Pepper, it opens with a burst of vibrant energy. The heart reveals a tantalizing blend of spicy Ginger, aromatic Iso E Super, warm Nutmeg, and delicate Jasmine, creating a harmonious symphony of scents. Finally, the base notes of rich Labdanum, velvety Sandalwood, earthy Patchouli, woody Vetiver, exotic Incense, majestic Cedar, and sensuous Musk leave a lingering trail of elegance and charm. Giorgio de Bleu is a fragrance that captivates and leaves a lasting impression.
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Giorgio De Bleu

Giorgio De Bleu

Giorgio De Bleu

eau de parfum

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