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While his fragrances are incredibly well-known across the globe, the history of Jean Louis Vermeil's renowned perfume company remains a bit of a mystery to most. The company's popular line of Parisian fragrances, launched by Vermeil himself, is known for its Oriental notes, smoky undertones and clever packaging.

Vermeil, a skilled perfumer by trade, always had an interest in owning his own fragrance company. After earning a business degree in 1980, he decided to launch his own line of perfume.

His first fragrance, Maïssa, was released in 1987. The floral eau de toilette was followed up in 1989 with the scent Imagine — a fruitier scent with a woody undertone that featured separate versions for men and women. Due to its incredible popularity, two new versions of the Imagine scents — Imagine Bleu for women and Imagine Design pour Homme — were later released.

But what truly solidified Vermeil's claim to fame as a celebrated perfumer was the release of his fragrance Vermeil in 1995. The two versions of Vermeil, a parfum for women and Vermeil pour Homme, an eau de toilette for men, were characterized by a signature note of tobacco that was cleverly played upon by the design of the bottle, which was made to look like a lighter.

Since the release of his first fragrance, Vermeil's collection has expanded to include more than 10 fragrances, including Casaque pour Homme, White, Rodeo Black, Paraphe, Mascotte, O'Voile and Mille et Une Nuits.

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