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Enjoy the woody and spicy scent of the Agua de Loewe fragrance for women, created by the design house of Loewe. Introduced in 2000, this casual perfume combines tangerine and palisander rosewood top notes with white pepper middle notes and sandalwood base notes, creating an intense and mysterious aroma. Dabbing it on your neck and other pulse points in the morning will make you feel inspired and feminine throughout the entire day.
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Agua De Loewe

Agua De Loewe

Agua De Loewe

eau de toilette

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3.5 Stars

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I have been using Agua de Loewe for at least 10 years and, before that, I used Aire de Loewe for 6 years. This fragance is from Spain, my native country, so I was delighted to find it online in the US. You cannot beat the fragancenet price, it is at least 25% lower than the price I pay in stores in Spain. Before Loewe perfumes, I had tried many perfumes and colognes but the ones with the long scent life tend to be sticky and strong (to the point that they even irritate my throat). Agua de Loewe is the most pleasant and refreshing perfume I have found. It has a great, natural scent and stays long, even in my clothes weeks after, without being overwhelming. I often get asked what perfume I wear at work and even at random places like restaurants, lines at coffee places and stores, etc. It is really that good.

4 Stars

Written by Emma on May 31, 2013

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1 - 1 (of 1 Reviews)