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“There are two kind of women. Those who can wear this fragrance and those who cannot” The clue to seductive charm may manifest in contrasts rather than pure sweetness, and here we are: this elegant musk-iris fragrance opens with a “lime-fraiche” accord contrasted by sensual strong animalic notes. The heart notes consist of a human skin accord. Aquatic blue (Italian citrus, aldehydes) lights up your synesthetic screen upon first sniff, but is swiftly undercut by a funk (cumin) that’s spiked with something fresh (ambrette seeds). Like deliciously salty sweat shameless seducer recalls moist skin, the epidermis rendered lovingly by notes of mimosa and iris. A final dry down reveals civet and musk, mimicking the complex multi-tonal heat of the body, perspiration dried on. For all of its unmistakably human qualities shameless seducer never goes ferile; instead it invites you to reach out and touch, or taste, the skin it lives in.
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