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Nikos Perfume

Designer Nikos Apostolopoulos is primarily known for his trademark masculine clothing styles, but he has also produced fragrances for both men and women. Born in Patras, Greece, Apostolopoulos completed his graduate studies at the law school of the University of Athens in 1975. He also studied in Sorbonne, Paris, where he received his doctorate in European rights in 1977. From 1981 to 1985, Apostolopoulos worked as a marketing manager for Jean Claude de Luca.

In 1985, Apostolopoulos established his own fashion house in Paris, where he designed men’s underwear and swimsuits. In 1987, he launched a collection of intimate wear and swimsuits for women, and he started a collection of jeans for men and women in 1988.

Apostolopoulos ventured into the fragrance industry in 1994 with a female perfume line named Sculpture. The perfume featured ingredients such as sandalwood, vanilla, bergamot, orchid and lemon. The success of Sculpture prompted Apostolopoulos to launch a complementary perfume collection for men in 1995, known as Sculpture Homme. The fresh, moderately sweet perfume had an unconventional scent for men, but with a strong marketing campaign, the fragrance gained popularity with consumers.

Apostolopoulos introduced new fragrances in subsequent years. His Sculpture line featured fragrances such as Morning Feel, Delicate Fleur, Fresh Blue and Blue Breeze. In 2004, he launched a Nikos for Men perfume featuring a woody fragrance.

On the clothing side, the company expanded into active wear, bathing suits, home wear and shirts, and introduced belts, leather wallets and handbags in 2004.

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