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Parfumologie Perfumes

Parfumologie is a California-based designer and manufacturer of private-label fragrances and licensed fragrances. It has produced fragrances for individual celebrities like the actress Denise Richards, for the Humvee vehicle brand, for the World Series of Poker (WSOP), and for the lifestyle brand Pampered Girls. In addition to these diverse projects, Parfumologie has created and manufactured a collection titled The American Line, which includes a scent for each branch of the United States military.

Each of these fragrances, which are officially licensed by the United States Armed Forces, bears the seal of the branch on its bottle. The collection comprises Army (also called Patton, after the legendary General), Navy (Liberty), Air Force (Stealth), Marines (Devil Dog), and Coast Guard (Rip Tide). Whether developing a perfume for an actor, a rock icon, a commercial brand, or the U.S. military branches, Parfumologie strives to convey the essence of its client’s identity.

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