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Choose a fragrance to match your mood with the assortment of scents found in this Paris Hilton variety pack for women. Featuring four bottles, this collection begins with 2005's Paris Hilton, featuring fruity notes of frozen apple and peach nectar for day or night use. Next comes Can Can from 2007, with musky and floral notes that is perfect for nighttime use. Spritz on Tease from 2010 with its notes of hot sand and amber, and finish with 2012's Dazzle, which is memorable for its expert mixing of peach, red apple and sour cherry.
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Paris Hilton Variety

Paris Hilton Variety

Paris Hilton Variety

4 piece womens variety with paris hilton & can can burlesque & heiress & can can and all are eau de parfum spray 15 ml


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I bought this set as my first ever perfume(s) for 20$ at cvs and I love it! The only disappointment with this set in my opinion was heiress. It smelled like bubblegum Tylenol and it was just sickly sweet. I liked Paris Hilton the best because it was fresh and fruity. Tease smelled very sophisticated and floral/fruity. Can can is very sweet and sugary when u first spray it on and then it drys down to be this beautiful vanilla scent.

Written by Dancer99 on December 11, 2011

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1 - 1 (of 1 Reviews)