Roger & Gallet Perfume & Cologne

Roger & Gallet Perfume & Cologne

The story of Roger & Gallet begins with another name and a story of inheritance. In 1693, Jean-Paul Feminis created Aqua Mirabilis, a fragrance surrounded by legend and told to have therapeutic powers, in the back of his Cologne drugstore. It was only after three generations that a distant relative, the ambitious Jean-Marie Farina, brought his Eau de Cologne (created using the principles of his predecessor and later revamped as Extra Vieille) the fame it deserved.

Having graced the skin of Empress Josephine and King George IV of England and Napoleon's boots, for which long bottles were created the formula was inherited in 1862 by Armand Roger and Charles Gallet from the latest owner of the Jean-Marie Farina house in Paris.

With Roger & Gallet, the house continued to expand and flourish. They constantly launched new lines of perfumes while paying attention to decor. Some of their fragrances and packaging became synonymous with the spirit of an era, such as Ambrerose and Fleurs D'Amour, which were introduced at the beginning of the 20th century.

While Roger & Gallet continues to choose Art Nouveau bottle designs for its modern creations, it remains faithful to the 18th-century packaging for its older products. To this day, Jean-Marie Farina's signature is flaunted on the Extra Vieille fragrance bottle, a scent that spans centuries and continues to mesmerize. In 2008, Roger & Gallet was purchased by L'Oreal.

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