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Swiss Guard’s namesake fragrance was launched in 2000. It is a light, traditional cologne for men.

Throughout Western history, Swiss mercenary solders were commended as some of the best in the world. From the late fifteenth century onwards, they served as guards to various European courts (most notably France) and were hired by foreign armies in need of additional troops. They were known for their innovative battle tactics and their commitment to their work.

Today, the Swiss Guard is an elite military corps that protects the Pope and serves as wardens for the Pope’s residence in Vatican City, the seat of the Roman Catholic religion. Swiss watchmen began protecting the papal states during the Renaissance, and the Pope’s Swiss Guard was officially assembled in 1506. They have served Vatican City ever since, even protecting the Vatican against possible invasion in World War II. The number of the Guard is limited to one hundred men, and membership is intensely competitive. Its soldiers still wear the colorfully striped uniforms that were designed for them during the Renaissance.

The logo for Swiss Guard’s fragrances is based on the group’s traditional regimental flag and coat of arms, a square divided into quarters by a cross.

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