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Victory International Perfumes

Victory International (USA) LLC, established in 1997 and headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, embodies world-wide sophistication. When you think of perfume, you might imagine a Paris design house, but Victory International is an American company built on the glamour of Hollywood.

Its major brand, the Fred Hayman Fragrance Collection, is named for a character known as "Mr. Beverly Hills." Fred Hayman opened his eclectic boutique on Rodeo Drive in the early 60s and launched Giorgio Beverly Hills in 1981. Committed to brand image, the fragrances offered in conjunction with Victory International extend this sophisticated flourish. Beginning with the 273 editions for women and men, which were introduced in 1989, and extending through Hollywood editions for men and woman introduced in the late 90s, Victory International fragrances are marketed women with sophistication and elegance and men with an adventurous spirit and classic style.

Expressing "masstige," or downward brand extension, Victory International also markets the Cubano brand to gentlemen with a taste for finer things. As Cuba is known for superior tobacco, these cigar shaped decanters create the impression of a high-quality cigar and recall the best things in life. An oblong glass cylinder of rich brown houses the scent, and cigar brand logos in different colors distinguish the four brands: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper.

Whether in manufacturing or distribution with the Waterford, Courvoisier, and Perry Ellis lines, Victory International is dedicated to branding. The company creatively uses marketplace strategies to maximize its potential.

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