Woods Of Windsor Perfume & Cologne

Woods Of Windsor Perfume & Cologne

The Woods of Windsor brand had an interesting start; close to a medieval castle in Berkshire stood an apothecary that serviced the Royal Family which originally opened in 1770. During a renovation of this same location in the 1970s, a large collection of perfume recipes, prescription books and medical artifacts were discovered in the attic. Using these archaic recipes, a new line of fragrances was created, soon placed into Harrods and the Liberty department stores throughout England.

Woods of Windsor pays homage to its beginnings by using the original apothecary as its flagship store and headquarters while it continues to produce unique fragrances derived from the original ancient recipes. Beginning with its first women's fragrance in 1974, new fragrances are constantly being concocted from archived perfume recipes that were once created for royalty. With the introduction of the men's fragrance line in 1981, Woods of Windsor was awarded the Queen's Award for Export, and in 1983, it began exporting its goods to over 40 countries around the world.

Lavender and Lily of the Valley were the first two fragrances produced by Woods of Windsor in 1974, and true to form, both scents draw upon their namesake ingredients, including them within the blends of each fragrance's respective notes. Woods of Windsor also provides a unisex selection containing fragrances such as Bergamot & Neroli, Cedar Woods and Pomegranate & Hibiscus.

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