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Zirh International Cologne

Brian Robinson founded Zirh International in 1995. Over the years, the company has become a premium brand specializing in high-quality shaving and skincare products designed for men. Across the world, Zirh products have a large and varied following among musicians, celebrities, and professional athletes as well as among everyday customers.

Zirh, John Varvatos and Corduroy are the premier fragrances associated with Zirh International. The designer launched Zirh to appeal to men in their 30s and 40s seeking quality skin care and grooming products made for men. This fragrance and skincare line offers them access to products other than the beauty products used by their partners. The polyfoil packaging is pliable, clean and streamlined.

Zirh International partnered with John Varvatos to launch the John Varvatos signature fragrance in 2005, as well as the Vintage scent in 2006. The signature fragrance comes in a bottle that has a thick leather band in the middle with the designer's logo. Intended as part of a lifestyle collection including clothing and accessories, the fragrance offers a vintage feel combined with a modern edge.

Launched in September 2005, the Corduroy fragrance has a wider distribution and at a slightly lower price than the other two fragrances. Packaging for Corduroy features a brown bottle, and the product evokes a clean masculine feel.

These masculine scents showcase Zirh International's philosophy of designing quality skincare products for men. International distribution has increased the brand's profile and recognition.

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